Colored contact lens – Are they safe?

Right here we will certainly review how color get in touches with can influence the wellness of your eyes, and provide you simple pointers to comply with so your shade lenses never give you any type of troubles. There are two primary reasons that shade contacts cause your eye problems, and both are conveniently preventable. The first reason is getting shade calls of inferior top quality without a medical professional’s prescription; and also the second is not caring effectively for your shade lenses. Color calls aren’t style jewelry: most paints are really toxic, so the lenses need to be appropriately manufactured, to avoid direct get in touch with between the paint and also the delicate surface of your eye. Most color lenses marketed without a physician’s prescription fall short to satisfy these demands.

non prescription colored contacts

Since the 2nd common reason for eye infections from wearing shade lenses is not caring for them properly, you must constantly follow your physician’s directions about taking care of your non prescription colored contacts. If you adhere to these easy rules, your lenses will certainly be no danger to the health of your eyes. Get an eye doctor’s prescription prior to buying your shade contacts. Also if you do not need vision modification, you need an eye doctor to choose the lenses that would certainly be best for you. It is less expensive to order your shade calls on the internet than getting them from your physician, yet see to it that you purchase from a reliable get in touch with lens store. A lot of shade calls block the flow of oxygen to your eyes. This is usually not a problem, though, if you use your lenses only for 8-9 hrs at a stretch, however any longer than that could create troubles.

Never ever sleep using your lenses – this is one of the most unsafe things you can do, in regards to eye health. If your eyes do not receive sufficient oxygen for days on end, then you are sure to suffer inflammation of the corneas. Some color get in touches with, like Acuvue 2 Color Styles, are FDA approved to use for up to 7 days right. Numerous eye medical professionals concur that it is much better not to risk your eyes also with the ideal high quality shade contacts. Don’t swim or bath using your shade lenses. It is very easy to shed a lens in the water. Whenever water gets into your eyes it creates beneficial problems for germs, placing you at threat of infection.